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Nicole Brady

Parham Media has a proud track record in the production of television documentaries, corporate video and education & training programs.
Don Parham, the principal of Parham Media, is one of Australia's most established and well regarded documentary film-makers.


'Smithy' Film - COMING SOON!

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Full Production Budget: A$150,000 / Raised So Far: A$106,346

The 'Smithy' doco is a proposed feature length, biographical film about a remarkable Australian, the Rev Dr John 'Bullfrog' Smith, who is probably best known as the founder of the Christian motorcycle club, God's Squad. His wife, Glena, says he got the 'bullfrog' nickname because "John was considered to be the loudest noise in the pond". He has been called 'John Wesley on a motorbike' but Smithy, as he is affectionately known, is more than this - he is a heady mix of old time religion and liberation theology! Part evangelist, part rabble-rouser, the larger than life Smithy is also an author, social anthropologist, media personality, social commentator, advocate for the poor and marginalised, blues music lover, theologian, motivational speaker, teacher, husband, grandfather ... and biker. It's time to tell his amazing story.

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Our aim is to produce a feature length documentary film for distribution on DVD and digital download.

“In February (2015) I will have served as a pastor, author, public proclaimer etc for 50 years & am still speaking, writing & communicating.
I believe the documentary Don (Parham) is producing could be of incalculable impact in this time …”

(Facebook 29 Nov 2014)


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Eureka Stockade Film Now Available on DVD !

a docu-drama about the Eureka Stockade, 1854


Produced for ABC-TV

Only once in our history have Australians stood under opposing flags and faced each other on a field of battle. It was the Eureka Stockade of 1854 on the Ballarat goldfields in the new colony of Victoria. After the battle, thirteen rebel leaders were charged with high treason. If found guilty, they could hang. Their fate would be in the hands of a jury that had to decide whether the Eureka Stockade was a riot or a revolution. ‘Riot or Revolution’ tells the story of this defining moment in our history, examining the causes of the conflict and exploring its legacy for us today. There are very few photographs of Victoria at the time of Eureka. People drew and wrote about their world. This is the window we have chosen to look through to examine the Eureka legend – that is to say, the film is largely constructed around the actual words and pictures that people at the time created in order to record their lives and tell the story of Eureka. As the caption at the start of the film says – “the lines spoken by actors in this film are the documented words of the historical characters”. This is a film grounded in primary source material.


More Don Parham TV Docos Available on DVD

personal stories about abortion


Produced for SBS-TV

‘The Choice’ is a film about the experience, not politics, of abortion. It gets behind the often over politicised debate to the real human stories. Five women and one man share their most intimate thoughts about what it was like to be suddenly confronted with an unplanned pregnancy. Their stories reveal the varied and complex circumstances in which people struggle to work through their options and make, what for most, is a difficult choice. Some of the people who share their stories are:







Alan Bennett